Maisha Maternity kit to rural women

Kabash Foundation in collaboration with TAA Foundation distributed maternity kits to 50 rural women as incentive to encourage them to go to health facilities for delivery. This Project is geared towards reducing maternal and child mortality during child birth.Every day, mothers die from preventable causes during child birth as a result of cultural differences, religious beliefs etc that prevents this women from going to the hospitals.
Some cultures believe no one must be present while the mother pushes out the baby, while others believe only the old woman(traditional birth attendants) in the community can take delivery as it has been their culture to go to her, so many ridiculous reasons.
We all have lost friends, relatives, colleagues etc to child birth and the pain may subtle after a while but never truly goes away.
KLF collaborated with TAAF on their Maisha mama kit to rural women as an incentive to get them to go to the hospitals for child birth. 50 pregnant women were presented with the mama kit today.
MAISHA is a swahili word for life, mothers give life and shouldn’t loose theirs in the process.
To all those who made this possible: shoprite, TAAF, KLF, Dr. Davina, Ganiyat, Ebi, Dave, and those I dint mention God bless you, and enlarge your coast.


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