Kabash Love foundation in partnership with Indigo interior design school and its affiliates are bringing you a one week “FREE” “introduction to interior design training” scheduled to take place in abuja on the 29th of June 2015. and guess what? You will be awarded a recognised certificate for this workshop.

This is a once in a life time opportunity, I’m soo excited and I hope this reaches out to as many who have waited endlessly for such empowerment opportunities. If you are not in Abuja, keep calm we are coming to your state soon……
Please share, this might be the only push someone out there needs…..
If you are interested and want to be contacted for this training when it starts and when we come to your state, fill the form on the contact us page and where you are to drop your comment or enquiry, tell us your state and you are enrolling for the klf empowerment program. And we sure will contact u when in your state.
KLF – WE colour your world…..

Important notice : if you live in abuja and you have skills you can teach others and are not camera shy kindly send us a message on here or visit our website : and drop a message on our contact us page indicate the kind of skill you can teach and your contact.
For this session we are taking skills like
a) liguid and bar soup production
B) candles
C) beads and wirework
D) disinfectants
E)Arts and crafts
F) even fashion related stuff
G) tye and dye etc
Our focus are things you can do with your hands and make money from it.
-Our criteria for selection is creativity at what you do.
– if you can do something else with your hands that wasn’t mentioned above please don’t hesitate to contact us.
KLF- we color your world…

Healing Through The Arts can show you that life can be more, or in someway, better than before. True healing is not waiting for time to heal. It is creating the opportunities where healing takes place, and the process of mending can make us stronger.

Through Art we gain a sense of life’s meaning. When we create art, we make something that did not exist before and can preserve it to enjoy. Our interaction with art provides a break from the pace of routine, where we can notice the unique. You do not need to be creative to participate, only a desire to learn and enjoy the adventure.

Creation and healing are the same energy. They transform pain, rather than being destroyed by it. Art heals by accepting the pain and doing something with it.