The team visited Dogon Gada Community to mark world Aids Day. We sensitized community members on how to stay HIV/AIDs free and the importance of knowing their HIV Status. In addition, we provided free HIV Screening for members of to community and linkage to care where necessary.

We can end the spread of this virus in our time by making a personal commitments to NOT being a contributor to the spread of the virus.
This begins with knowing your status. find the closest health center to you and check your status; if you turn our free of the virus, please avoid risky behaviors and commit to staying free. However, if you are found with the virus, early detection and commencement of treatment goes a long way in curbing the spread of the virus and guaranteeing you a healthy life.

Get tested today, early detection saves life.

Upon our arrival at Dogon Gada Community, the reality of what we saw and felt was totally unexpected. The road network was nothing to write home about, the community was a complete antithesis of what is obtainable in an urban town. Unfortunately most communities in the outskirt of town are faced with similar situations but what startled the team about this one was when we noticed that the water they drink stems from a river which hosts all their water-related activities i.e they bathe in it, wash in it, cook from it, and most unfortunately, drink from it. The water has also changed its colour to accommodate their use – Brown Water. We also noticed pregnant young girls who were poorly cared for, teen mothers and a good number of pregnant women. From our view we would say 60% of the women in that community were pregnant. One of the reasons we choose to visit this community was due to news reaching us on how a mother and baby died in the cause of childbirth from a preventable cause and of course due to last of basic amenities like a primary health care in the community. upon speaking with the community heads, we realize that so many other women have lost there lives in the same fate. Our plan was to provide Reproductive health education and family planning services to women in the community but we ended up adopting the community with the aim of improving the health of women and children in that community. The situation was too bad a one off intervention wouldn’t yield much impact. Speaking of Adoption, the big announcement is coming soon, we are super excited about this one and we are sure you would be too. 🙂 We eventually as planned, provided reproductive health education and our health worker was on standby to provide family planning services. Most women opted for the daily pills after being screened while others opted for the Sayana press shot (The three months spacing plan)

KLF is truly committed to serving the undeserved and outreaches like this make us go to bed very fulfilled knowing another woman knows better to make make informed decisions.

I am 16years old and I am sexually active. Can I take the daily pill (Levofem)? Asabe asked the team on the outreach at Garki international Market.
Upon further conversation, we asked why she wouldn’t opt for a condom instead and enlightened her on other risk she may be open to. she revealed that she lives with her Aunty (her boss) who will kill her if she finds her with a condom plus her boyfriend gives her money (N100-N200)…

Joy is an 18yr old food seller who has two kids from different fathers and have never heard about family planning. She makes less than N500 daily and practices unsafe abortion every time she finds out she is pregnant as she cannot add to the ones she has.

Musa has two wives and eight children, his faith doesn’t permit his wives to use contraceptives but he is struggling to take care of the kids he has so he avoids his wives to ensure they don’t get pregnant again.

These and many more stories we heard from the outreach at Garki Int. Market. These are the gaps we aim to bridge on our outreaches with the right information and services.

Young People today are making life threatening decisions because the society shys away from talking about these things.

Are you a school owner or you work in a school, we are happy to come give sexual and reproductive health education at your school. Send us a message to discuss further.

Do you have the right information to make informed decisions about your reproductive health? If your answer is No, call Kefas on 08165450188 to book an appointment for a one on one office counseling or catch us next weekend at Garki Old Market.

We are going round markets in Abuja targeting the under-served with reproductive health education. catch us on our next location, call to confirm.

Looking to join this movement? Register below to volunteer

Kabash Love Foundation in collaboration with Strong enough girls empowerment initiative is inviting individuals who can offer ONE hour of their time in a WEEK to counsel teenagers on sexual and reproductive health. We are organizing a training of trainers sessions in Abuja and Kaduna respectively for volunteers who are willing to become Teen counselors.

The training dates are as follows:

Abuja – February 23rd – 24th
Kaduna – March 9th – 10th

If this looks like something you will like to do, kindly register on the link below. For Abuja residents, please note that we have just 2 more days before training, endeavor to register in good time. Thank You.

Ps. Male counselors are highly encouraged to register, our boys need you. They have tons of unanswered questions no one will ever speak to them about. It is a known fact that fathers never teach their sons sexual education, they end up learning the wrong this from peer pressure. Help them make informed decisions.


Hurray KLF is 5. Special shout out to the partners and sponsors who made our big day possible.

Geneotype Compatibility should NEVER be ignored even when love is strong.
Sickle Cell Anemia is a Genetic disorder that can be avoided. Love is NOT ENOUGH to cause a child pain for the rest of his life. read more on Love and Genotype on twitter. The hash tag to follow is #loveandgenotype
sickle-cell awareness
Happy Valentines Day from all of us at KLF.

World Health Organization (WHO) research indicates that pre-assembled, clean delivery kits with instructions for use could be a vital component in the reduction of neonatal and maternal mortality and morbidity due to cord infection, tetanus, hemorrhage and puerperal sepsis. In response, kabash Love Foundation have been promoting and supporting the use of clean delivery practices.
According to UNICEF, Nigeria loses about 145 women of childbearing age and Over 950,000 newborns per year from infections and complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

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Each year, 60 million women worldwide give birth with the help of an untrained traditional birth attendant (TBA), a family member, or with no help at all. Because of these circumstances, we empower TBAs with skills and sterile delivery kit to enable them take safe and infection free deliveries.

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Kabashlovefoundation conducted a community outreach in Kaduna, Ugwan Matari for women and children. Teaching home management of diarrhea, water and sanitation, first Aid management, free testing and treatment of malaria, case management of malnutrition, free counselling and testing of HIV/AIDS, ensuring referral and adherence to drugs.

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