Each year, 60 million women worldwide give birth with the help of an untrained traditional birth attendant (TBA), a family member, or with no help at all. Because of these circumstances, we empower TBAs with skills and sterile delivery kit to enable them serve their communities better. We provide TBAs with trainings on antenatal and postnatal care, signs of labour, stages of labour, personal and environmental hygiene, danger signs in pregnancy, knowing when to refer to health facilities, and the use of misoprostol and chlrohexidine intervention. #unicef #un #usaid #usembassy #savethechildren #notomaternalandchildmortality

Kabash Foundation in collaboration with TAA Foundation distributed maternity kits to 50 rural women as incentive to encourage them to go to health facilities for delivery. This Project is geared towards reducing maternal and child mortality during child birth.

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Children are the most important in any society for they are the leaders of tomorrow. Education is an

essential right which permits each child to receive instruction and to blossom socially. The right to an

education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development of our children.

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A Non – Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), known as the Kabash Love Foundation yesterday stated that vulnerable children found in the North – Eastern part of the country which is plagued currently by the Boko Haram insurgency are often recruited as child Soilders.


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