Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (The Abuja Market Tour)

I am 16years old and I am sexually active. Can I take the daily pill (Levofem)? Asabe asked the team on the outreach at Garki international Market.
Upon further conversation, we asked why she wouldn’t opt for a condom instead and enlightened her on other risk she may be open to. she revealed that she lives with her Aunty (her boss) who will kill her if she finds her with a condom plus her boyfriend gives her money (N100-N200)…

Joy is an 18yr old food seller who has two kids from different fathers and have never heard about family planning. She makes less than N500 daily and practices unsafe abortion every time she finds out she is pregnant as she cannot add to the ones she has.

Musa has two wives and eight children, his faith doesn’t permit his wives to use contraceptives but he is struggling to take care of the kids he has so he avoids his wives to ensure they don’t get pregnant again.

These and many more stories we heard from the outreach at Garki Int. Market. These are the gaps we aim to bridge on our outreaches with the right information and services.

Young People today are making life threatening decisions because the society shys away from talking about these things.

Are you a school owner or you work in a school, we are happy to come give sexual and reproductive health education at your school. Send us a message to discuss further.

Do you have the right information to make informed decisions about your reproductive health? If your answer is No, call Kefas on 08165450188 to book an appointment for a one on one office counseling or catch us next weekend at Garki Old Market.

We are going round markets in Abuja targeting the under-served with reproductive health education. catch us on our next location, call to confirm.

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